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Featuring the Art, Silver Service, Silverware, Personality Items, and Regalia of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun-Hitler, Hermann Göring, Albert Speer, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Reinhard Heydrich, and others of the Third Reich.

Now listing over 24,000 items, if you don't see it feel free to email us and we will do our best to find it.  We specialize in High End German/American memorialbilia. Appraisals done by appointment only.

All items are guaranteed original.

GREAT NEWS! We held the 2009 Collectible Arms & Militaria show 20, 21, 22 March 2009 and it was a great success! We have made arrangements with the Pikesville (Maryland) National Guard Armory to provide their facility again NEXT YEAR to host our 44th Annual Collectible Arms & Militaria Show on 19, 20 March, 2010!  Two Days only this coming year, FRIDAY AND SAT, the setup will be on Thurs. the 18th.  Click on the logo below for details.

See us at the Maryland National Guard Armory in Pikesville Maryland

FRIDAY AND SAT. 19-20 March 2010

Table prices for DEALERS have are $75.00 (or $95.00 for a wall location) per EIGHT foot table! Dealer can set-up starting at noon on Thursday, March 18, 2010.

This coming year for all the die hard fans and bargain hunters, an early bird pass will be available for $40.00.  This pass will allow you access on the setup day (Thurs.) and early on all show days.  Who knows what treasures you may find when the dealers are setting up. . .

For details, use the contact information in the image above or email us at snyderstr@aol.com and be sure to mention you need information for the Pikesville show!








New Hitler signed Banner and Early Numbered Blood Order Medal !    Click Here

(12 Mar.) -- We have listed a very rare Charles J. Guiteau Garfield Assassination Lot with Guiteau signed card and a tile from the floor of the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Station from the location where the president was shot.

(13 Jan) -- We have listed six original Hitler artworks, two from the Vienna Period, and four from the Munich period, which includes one in the very rare original Morgenstern frame, and two from the estate of Gerdy Troost, Hitler's personal secretary with profuse documentation and provenance. Two are listed in Price's Adolf Hitler: The Unknown Artist. The last is one is from the Peter Jahn collection.

(19 Nov )- We have added more content and generally updated existing stock throughout the site. Of historical significance, we have the extremely rare (actually unique) death mask of 20 July 1944 Hitler Assassination plotter George Freiherr von Boeselager. He was deeply involved in several plots to kill Hitler in 1943 and 1944 and was one of the few that escaped the initial purge of the plotters and managed to die a hero's death in Russia a month after the failure of the plot.

(30 Oct ) -- We have acquired an number of very rare Hermann Georing documents regarding deer hunting at Carinhall in the Schorfheide and other locations from Poland to France during the 1938 hunting season. Many are to notable personalities of pre-war Europe, including dukes, counts, high-ranking officers, and famous people of note. See them here.  There are a number of other additions to existing portions of the site.

(06 July ) -- We are in the process of listing a number of items belonging to a Counterintelligence Corps special agent assigned to the Office of Strategic Information (OSI). There are a number of items and documents regarding his corporate cover, a dummy corporation set up to fund espionage and CIC activities in Germany prior to the end of the war and through the occupation era. There are a number of B-17 and B-24 fire control devices and documentation that was used in the development of a fully automated acquisition and targeting computers in the B-29 bomber and some prototype equipment. Check it out here.  Please be aware this area is still in development and not complete yet.

(24 June ) -- We have just put up a large collection of mounted and identified entomology specimens (approximately 2,000 insects are in the collection) acquired from a retired coleopterologist -- a specialist in the study of beetles. See some representative examples of this superlative collection here.

(03 June ) -- A very historic Civil War 1863 presentation 77th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry color bearer Ensign's Model 1850 Staff Officer's sword.  Recently added: A spectacular ABC Radio KGO Mercury Theater star Orson Welles radio script (annotated and edited by hand by Orson Welles) with significant Medal of Honor recipient content -- including photographs of Welles with Commodore Robert W. Carey before and during the broadcast. Also recently added a Section of Original Eickhorn Imperial sword dies made for period Eickhorn Solingen advertisements. Please check them out, there are many close-up detailed images.

(12 April) -- We have listed the General Field Marshal von Bock ORIGINAL Baton. Please check it out, there are many close-up detailed images.

(30 March ) -- We have added American Eagle Head Sword section featuring a number of swords and sabers of the turn of the 19th century (1805-1820s) and the War of 1812.  Many have significant amounts of original blue and gilt etching, unusual head and guard designs and other hard-to-find variants.

UPDATED (12 February ) -- We have added US Military Wing Badges section to the Gallery which provides a convenient way to view the selection of US Navy, US Army Air Force, and US Army Paratrooper badges. We will be adding sub-albums for Royal Air Force, and other foreign wings shortly. This area is currently under development, however, you can see the progress from day to day as we continue to populate the gallery with new items in the coming days. This section has a built-in RSS feed, so if you use an RSS reader or RSS enhanced browser, you can keep up with the changes automatically. We also have added two VERY rare President George Washington original signed documents.  You can see them on the US Documents page.  We have just added a VERY RARE Porcelain Honor Cup Award Siegerpokal (Winner's Cup) (12 February 2007).

UPDATED (2 February ) -- We have added a number of additional items all over site. Of special interest is a page for US military general officer star rank insignia and O-6 Colonel (and Navy Captain) eagle insignia. We have also added a number of hard to find and unusual patches and shoulder sleeve insignia. We have also added several Dupont and Hercules 20-cap and 30-cap blasting machines, including the very rare 100-cap Livens Projector blasting machine. Be sure to check out the various sub-sections for additional items.  More content is being added on a daily basis.

UPDATED! (9 December ) -- We have added a new section highlighting our acquisition of a spectacular collection of record albums and silver service pieces once belonging to Martin Bormann. The record albums are an extensively well-documented lot, with photographs, newspaper articles, and V-Mail correspondence from 1945 and 1946 regarding the original liberation of the collection, including details of the discovery of the items in the tunnels more than 50 feet below Martin Bormann's Obersalzberg house, detailed descriptions and references in articles, and unique markings associated with Martin Bormann on the record album sleeves. See some of the documentation here and watch as we add pieces over the coming weeks.  We have also added a number of ORIGINAL 78 RPM records of early Imperial German Marching music, NSDAP marching songs, and Hitler speeches here.  The silver service pieces are part of the massive collection acquired by Lt. DC Watts of the 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division while he was detailed at the Obersalzberg following the capture of the mountain retreat by his unit.

(22 September) -- We have added a DOZEN spectacular cased commemorative fighting knives to the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knives area. These are VERY hard to find available.  The knives commemorate the Desert War in Africa, the Battle of the Bulge, D-Day at Normandy, V-E Day in Europe, Invasions and Battles of Italy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Philippines, Rhineland and the Remagen Bridge, and the Solomons.  We also have the U.S.M.C. Raider commemorative. See them all here!

(20 September) -- We have added a number of German photo albums, US military unit histories, knuckle knives and German period reference books in the past month.  We have also changed a number of prices, some up, some reduced, throughout the site.

UPDATED! (11 December) -- We have added a lot of new content. Military Marksmanship and Shooting Badges are in progress, with other content updated as indicated. Of significant historical interest is a VERY rare 1867 Emperor Franz Joseph I signed and presented Knight's Investiture in the Order of the Iron Crown document, complete with imperial seal, and very fancy calligraphy on vellum (including investiture as nobility in the Austrian Order of Guelphen) with Coat of Arms and more.  See this outstanding rare document here.

(11 July ) -- We are in the process of adding some new content. Military ID Bracelets are in progress, with Military Sweetheart pins and jewelry in the wings.

UPDATED! (1 December ) -- We have added a number of extremely scarce and unusual fighting knives to the site. We have split the knuckle knives and push daggers to their own separate pages to accommodate the addition of more content. We have also added several combat knives and OSS/SOE daggers (several added 19 September 06). More will be added to the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knives area.  Knives added to the exotic knives section.  And a couple of nice stag handle police bayonets and Dress Bayonets have been added.

UPDATED! (10 December ) -- Just up are a number of very detailed MINIATURE weapons, including a non-firing 1/2 scale model of the SOE STEN MKII suppressed submachine gun, a 1/2 scale Winchester 1894 rifle, and almost a dozen miniature 1/3 scale combat fighting knives. See them on the exotic weapons page. We also have recently added content to German Daggers page, the German Period References, and Military Posters (LOTS of new items listed!), and more is on the way nex t week!  Other content has been added throughout the site as well. If you haven't looked around in a while, you really should. Military Optics and Binoculars is being populated.

UPDATED! (11 June ) -- We are in the process of expanding our section of RARE and very seldom encountered World War I US military aviation wings and insignia.  This area is going to be under constant construction (however, all on-line) for the next couple of days while we work on it.  Feel free to watch.  You can see the World War I wings (formerly under US Militaria) by clicking the link.  As of May 17th, we have more than 35 wings and a number of other insignia -- including named identified lots available.  We have also just added a number of VERY rare US Army issue B4 uniform bags with theater painted pin-up art!  We have also added a number of unusual and rare table medals, tokens and awards to the German Non-Portable Awards, the US Militaria page, and the Other Militaria pages.

(15 May ) -- We have listed one of the rarest of all SS visor hats used during WWII worn with the White Formal Uniform. You can see it in the SS headgear section.

(11 June ) -- We have just added an EXCEPTIONALLY rare Dove Gray uniform Reichsmarschall visored along with the extremely rare M43 Reichsmarshal Hermann Göring cap to the Göring page!  These outstanding pieces of uniform apparel are from after he was appointed as Reichsmarschall.

UPDATED! (06 May ) -- A Military Compass page has been added that will feature compasses (and similar precision devices) from Germany, the US, Chinese Communist, and other military applications. This page is in active development and content is being added during the next week.  Some items are ready to view and buy now.

UPDATED! (19 May ) -- Civil War items and a new Americana page is being added.  We have added content to the US Military and American Flag page.

UPDATED! (29 May ) -- We have added some superlative SS identification documents, including an ultra-rare Roehm-signed Golden Party Badge member identification book! Check them out here. We have updated signed photographs and autographs with more content including an OUTSTANDING 1936 signed and dedicated Heinrich Himmler early SS portrait photograph.

UPDATED! (19 May ) -- We have added a RARE named lot of WWII 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment items including a period photograph album, unit history, medals, correspondence and military documents collection to the US Militaria page (updated 19 May 06). Other pages updated with new content Military Equipment and a large collection of WWII training aids and devices used by an OSS demolitions instructor on the OSS/SOE page.

(01 April ) -- We have adde d a page Combat Artist and Combat Artworks including a period photograph collection of the combat art by Charles Thrale, Prisoner of War, held captive by the Japanese on the Hell Railroad in Burma/Siam during WWII. We also have a number of original watercolor combat artworks by 9th Infantry Regiment 2nd Infantry Division combat artist, John Gullo.

UPDATED! (31 May ) -- We have added a page of Trench Art items. Content includes Military Lighters (updated 31 May) and Trench Art knives, military rings and theater-made rings, bracelets, and other items being added shortly!

UPDATED! (18 April ) -- We have added content to the German Military Buckles (new content 18-Apr-06) and the Espionage and Special Units pages!

UPDATED! (30 March ) -- We have added content to the German Medals and split the German Long Service Medals to a new page and added content. New content is on the German Civil Medals and Badges page as well. German Wound Badges has a page of its own with new content.

UPDATED! (03 June ) -- Check out the new page of Exotic Edged Weapons! We have started to add content, including a Congo chieftain's sword and a ceremonial Micronesian kris. We have split the daggers and edged weapons page again, this time making room for Hitler Youth knives and daggers.  You can find them here.

(25 March ) -- Check out the new page of US Uniforms! We have started to add content, including leather flight gear from the US Army Air Force and US Navy. We will be adding items here for a while. Check back often!

UPDATED! (10 April ) -- Check out the new page of Blood Chits! We have added content, including leather, silk and rayon chits and maps from WWII. We have added chits from the early and late cold war eras.

UPDATED! (22 March ) -- Content added and updated. Check out the Lt. Charles B. Gatewood Indian Wars Campaign presentation sword and Life Saving Service sword on the US Militaria page. Other pages updated as shown.

UPDATED! (08 April ) -- We have just added an EXTREMELY rare COMPLETE World War I Royal Flying Corps CANADIAN aviator's uniform and an unusual RAF Leather Flight Jacket. See them here! We have also added a complete US Army Air Service Signal Corps 3rd Aero Squadron uniform, which you can see here.  Other collectible US military medal lots have been added as well. (Updated: 07 April 06) We have added a number of rare and unusual United Confederate Veteran and other US medals.

UPDATED! (17 April ) -- We have split the Headgear page to accommodate a number of additional German helmets (34 so far, more coming), which have been moved to their own page. Check them out here!

(06 December ) -- We have listed the ORIGINAL German Agreement to surrender terms, hand signed by Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery, Hans Georg von Friedberg and others here. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a document of exceptional historical significance for your collection!

UPDATED! (20 April ) -- We have added many daggers and edged weapons to the German Militaria pages.  The dress daggers can be seen here.  We have moved the bayonets, accessories, and parts to make room for the new content (Updated content: 07 April 06).  We have split hangers, frogs, portapees and sword knots to their own page and added a lot of new content (Updated content 18-Apr-06).

UPDATED! (20 September ) -- We have added some more artifacts and uniform items from the 1915-1922 so-cal led "second Klan" KKK period. They are located here.

UPDATED! (24 March ) -- We have add ed a section of some items from the estate of Thomas J. Chew, Esq., US Navy Purser aboard the US Frigate CONSTITUTION during the War of 1812, and a 30+ year career Naval officer serving aboard a number of ships. Included are documents dating to the War of 1812, and several historic documents regarding the nature and cause of death of Commodore Daniel Patterson, formerly the Captain of the CONSTITUTION during the War, and his last words to Thomas Chew given on his death bed. We have just added a VERY rare piece of the USS CONSTITUTION, a dedicated presentation walking stick cane was made from an oak timber in 1896 and presented to the Commander of the Massachusetts Naval Brigade.  See them here.

(22 August ) -- We have added some outstanding historic documents relating to the Japanese War Crimes trials, Sugamo Prison, the Shibuya Affair, and a couple of very rare Atomic Bomb primary target maps, and a UNI QUE one-of-a-kind handmade map of hundreds of locations of Japanese POW camps inside of the Soviet Union. See them here. More content is being added this week.

UPDATED! (04 February ) -- We have revised and added content to the Police and Law Enforcement Badges section, including some rare items from Sing Sing Prison dating to the turn of the century, and a number of WWI era American Protective League badg es. See them here. We have revised the China and Porcelain section (updated 20 February 06).

UPDATED! (03 May ) -- We have completely revised the books and references section to include some new content (notably some very rare formerly classified 82nd Airborne Division unit histories and SHAEF and MIRS intelligence documents here.)

Updated! (07 December ) -- We have added a German veteran's devices page, with Stahlhelm and WWI and WWII veteran association related items here.

Updated! (01 May ) We have added more items to the SS visored peaked officer's cap section, including several MATCHING skull and eagle sets. See them here.

Updated! (24 April ) We have added content to many pages and spun off several new pages. There is a page with Free State of Danzig (Poland) items and Scandinavian (Freikorps) items of the WWII era. There are literally hundreds of new additions to the German medals, badges, tinnies and stickpins pages (updated content 30 March 06). Iron Cross medals of all eras are now all on their own page (updated content -- 03 May ). We have spun off the Mother's Cross medals to their own page and added new items, inc luding the VERY rare Mother's Cross in Diamonds! (updated content 24 April ).  (03 March ) Wound badges have been moved to their own page, with more content added.

(21 July ) -- We have added a section of WWII period German catalogs, brochures, wall/window/counter display advertising items from several noted German war time contractors, including the Carl Eickhorn Company of Solingen and AWS Wellner, with others to be added in the near future. Check them out here.

Updated! (07 February ) We have listed a significant number (more than 100 in the last three days) of WWII period German "tinnies", some quite scarce and not often encountered. See them here.

Updated! (03 June ) We have added content in the Fighting Knives (Updated 03 June ) in the clandestine warfare section. We will be spending several days adding a couple dozen scarce and unusual combat knives, including OSS and SOE smachets and the VERY unusual OSS smachet BOWIE design, 1st Special Service Force knives, a number of Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knives (now on their own page with new content (31 May 06) in ring grip, rib-and-bead grip, checkered grip, Beasley, and S-Guard models. In time, we will be adding knuckle knives (trench knives, Robbins & Dudley, and similar). Check back often. We have added German paratrooper knives to this section.

We have continued to populate the "Other Countries" militaria section. There are some fairly scarce Crown orders and badges listed. See them here.

We have listed five additional Adolf Hitler original watercolors in the artworks section. Several of them are listed and pictured in Billy Price's Adolf Hitler: The Unknown Artist and most are listed and pictured in Treasure Trove: The Looting of the Third Reich. See them here.

We have added a page of a number of items that belonged to George Lincoln Rockwell and some items associated with the ANP movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Check them out here.

We have added a unique significant historical document lot: The ORIGINAL appointment of von Rundstedt as General of the Infantry and Commander of Gruppenkommando I at Berlin, signed by v. Hindenburg and v. Schleiter, and cover letter signed by v. Hindenburg. Check them out here.

We have added WWII German Navy rating (specialty) patches on a separate page. Check them out here. More was added in late March. Some other branch rating insignia was also added.

We have added a complete page of period German flag, banner and military unit standarte pins. Check them out here. We have also added some rare and unusual Adolf Hitler correspondence covers (envelopes) from mail addressed to and received by Adolf Hitler at Berlin, Munich and the Obersalzberg in 1933 and 1934.

We have added some more content in the US Militaria section. We have expanded the sections on US Patches and Distinctive Unit Insignia. Included are sections featuring bullion patches, theater made patches, World War I patches and others.

We are currently expanding the Collectible Militaria pages with more sections. Recently added more Imperial German, French, Italian, and Japanese items. See the "Collectible Militaria" section below for details.

We hav e recently listed a number of items from the States Lines ocean liner cruise lines from the 1930s. It is unique in that it is marked with the swastika flag logo and is associated with the German-American Bund espionage ring active during the pre-war years, and eventually tracked down, captured and tried by the FBI and Department of Justice in 1942. It is extremely rare and almost never encountered. See it here.

Please NOTE: We have restructured the website somewhat to further refine the specific areas of collector interest. Recently, we added some Albert Speer silver flatware WELLNER patterns. Items have been added to the cryptography and espionage section, as well.

The Washington (DC) Post Magazine of April 21, 2002 published an interesting article by Marc Fisher about Adolf Hitler artworks. It contains a concise historical account and several interviews with noted collectors. In the article, Snyder's Treasures is prominently featured. The article has been placed in the archives and retrievable for a nominal fee paid to Washington Post, or you can read the text of the article here.

We have added Google™ Search to assist in finding items on our site. Enter the item number and a new window will appear with the page the item is located on. For more general searches, enter the keywords you are looking for, and you will be shown the results for this site.


Treasure Trove

TREASURE TROVE: The Looting of the Third Reich personally signed and dedicated reference book is available here!

A description of content and ordering information is available by clicking on the cover image of the book at the left or here.

Hitler Items Hitler Personality Items

Personal items, Silverware, Stationery and paper items, Berlin Reich Chancellery items, several articles, and similar content.

New content added 10-13 January, 2008

Göring Items Hermann Göring Personality Items

A selection of items from Hermann Göring, including items from his first marriage to Carin von Fock and second marriage to Emmy Sonnemann, Reichsmarschall and political items, Personal and State Silverware, and similar items.

Eva Braun Items Eva Braun Personality Items

A selection of items once belonging to Eva Braun -- long-time mistress and eventual wife of Adolf Hitler. Personal items, Silverware, jewelry and other items.

Hitler Artworks Original Hitler Art and Artworks

A sample of a number of original Adolf Hitler artworks, most dating from 1908-1913 during his Vienna years prior to World War I. Postal size, miniatures, and larger format paintings are shown and described in detail.

Silverware of the Third Reich

A sample of some of the silver flatware of high ranking members of the Third Reich, including Hitler, Goring, Himmler, Eva Braun, and others.

We have added an Albert Speer section, with his distinctive intertwined AS monogram.

China of the Third Reich

A sample of some of the china and porcelain of high ranking members of the Third Reich, including Hitler, Goring, Eva Braun, Deutsche Reichsbahn, Deutsche-Reederei Zeppelin, and others. Featured makers include Meissen, several SS-Allach patterns, Sévrès, Royal Bayreuth, and others.

We have just added more pieces to the Allach section, with the distinctive AH Gold Eagle monogram.

Autographs, Signed Photographs, and Documents

Autographs, signed documents, signed photographs and similar items from noted World War II leaders, including Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Emperor Victor Emanuel III, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, von Hindenburg, Goebbels, Göring, Hess, Himmler, Streicher, Degrelle, Remer, Galland, and others

Featured this month: A unique and significant historical document lot: The ORIGINAL appointment of von Rundstedt as General of the Infantry and Commander of Gruppenkommando I at Berlin, signed by v. Hindenburg and v. Schleiter, and cover letter signed by v. Hindenburg. Check them out here.

We have added some German Military IDed documents, including an outstanding Grossdeutschland Panzer lot and a Kriegsmarine Heroism award document lot. See them here.

The Colonel J. Bryan Hobbs, US Army (Retired) collection of early 20th Century military leader autographs. Included are many generals, Medal of Honor recipients, Inventors, US Presidents, and Allied military leaders. See a portion of the collection available here.


We have incorporated a new GALLERY feature that contains a number of images of photographs and artifacts of specialty interest. Many new photographs have been added in July and August, especially in the German WWII sections, which have been expanded significantly. A number of Hoffmann original period photographs are currently being added.

We have been using the Gallery to make specific offerings to people expressing an interest in certain subject matter for which we may have photographic documentation. Currently, we have over 1000 images in the gallery, with hundreds more on the way.

We have added a section some of the "New Buckles of the Old West" as pictured and described in Campbell's book of the same name. These are interesting curios, and while not period to the Old West (they were made in the 1960s), they are interesting for the variety and subject matter. See them here.

We have added a gallery of a selection of military, civilian, sweetheart, foreign aviation, and veteran wing badges. You can see them here, or click on the image of the US Navy aviator wing at the left. This section is being populated now with more on the way.

Please be advised, this is a work in progress, but most of the photos have descriptions and prices listed. If you have an interest in one or more of the photographs you see, then please email us for details and a quote.

Collectible Militaria

A sample of premium militaria from all countries and all wars, featuring a number of artifacts of the Third Reich, including medals, decorations, daggers and other edged weapons, and similar items.

New! We have split the Third Reich medals and badges sections to accommodate dozens of new additions. We have added several dozen tinnies and pins to several new pages. We've added a page for German SS Foreign Volunteer Insignia. New separate pages added for Italy and France militaria. We have expanded the Imperial German page with new content as well. Other countries militaria is being added as time permits. Check them out! New items being continuously added at this writing.

US Militaria has been expanded to include bullion patches and other unit insignia.

We have acquired a very scarce NEMA Model 45 cipher machine, check it out! We have added an entire section of espionage and clandestine warfare items from the US OSS/CIA, British SOE/MI-9.

United States - Imperial Germany - Germany - Italy - France - Japan - Other Countries

Zeppelin and Airship Items

This is a section devoted to rigid and lighter than air airships, including German Zeppelins, US Navy Zeppelins, US Army balloons and blimps, and similar early aircraft. There are named lots, photographs, badges, logs, skin material, and other items.

Featured in this section: A very historic group of US Army aviator Edward Douglas's USS SHENANDOAH (ZR-1) memorabilia. Douglas was one of very few US Army personnel assigned to the US Navy airships in the 1920s.


Obsolete and Retired Badges from the Military, Police, Fire, Press & Railroad Badges from Private, City, County, State, Federal, and Foreign agencies dating from the 19th century to World War II.


Headgear, including visor hats, side hats, helmets and liners, and specialty headgear from the US, German, Japanese, Italian, Viet Cong, and others from WWI, WWII, Korea and the Cold War and the Vietnam War.

We have moved German helmets and World War I helmets (including US and UK painted helmets) to separate pages. New content added 12 Jan 2008.

Military Posters

Posters and charts suitable for framing of various subjects relating to the military of the world from all ages.

Fine Collectibles

A selection of items of collector interest from all wars and all eras including artworks, autographs, documents, and similar items.

Also Combat Artist and Combat Artworks are available.

We have New York Yacht Club "America" mementos and a number of early firearms related Winchester and Remington advertising items on our Americana page.

TIME Magazine Signed Covers

A selection of TIME magazine covers with signatures or documents spanning the years 1954 to 1970. These covers are from the noted Eric M. McComb collection, as described in the April 19, 1999 issue of TIME magazine. The Willie Mays 1954 Time signed TIME cover is shown at the left.

Collector's Books

Snyder's Treasures has an extensive inventory of reference books available. Most are long out of print. Unit Histories -- including German, US, British, and others. Technical and Field Manuals for German and American military equipment and procedures. A number of collector oriented descriptive references.

We have completely restructured the books section. Books are now categorized to make browsing easier. We've added dozens of US Military Technical Manuals, and several dozen general military reference titles, with more being added each day.

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